Scott Ross, MA, LMHC
Scott Ross, MA, LMHC

Here is a link to playlists I've designed and use for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy sessions. Each substance is unique in terms of how various forms of music enhance or hinder the experience. As a general guideline, highly lyrical, fast paced, discursive music common in genres like hip hop and rock music are not conducive to psychedelic states, whereas ambient, electronic,  indigenous/shamanic, and sacred music tends to greatly enhance the flow and spaciousness of a psychedelic trip. As one develops in their relationship with psychedelics, experimentation with various forms of music can play an important role in maximizing their experiential and therapeutic potential:


Erowid is arguably the best resource on the web for real drug education. You will find detailed descriptions of drug effects, dosage, risks and safety, legality, trip reports, and chemistry. If you are considering trying a substance you are unfamiliar with or just interested in learning about psychoactive substances check out Erowid first so you can make an informed choice as to what you put into your body. 


Maps (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is the non-profit organization leading the way with psychedelic research. Their focus is on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, but they also sponsor research on the therapeutic potential of cannabis, LSD, ibogaine, and other substances. This is a great resource for reading scholarly research, learning about current studies, finding psychedelic-friendly therapists (on their psychedelic-integration provider page), and psychedelic podcasts featuring such prominent figures as James Fadiman and Gabor Mate. 

The Third Wave
The Third Wave provides quality, well researched information on the major psychedelics. It offers well laid out, clear “how to” guides on such substances as DMT, Psilocybin, and LSD which include set and setting considerations, what to expect, and how to effectively achieve different levels of intensity (i.e. the DMT breakthrough). 

The Psychedelic Support Network
A great resource for finding local practitioners, groups, and psychedelic societies who can be supportive in your process of healing and self-discovery. They also have quality articles on mental health, integration, research, and numerous other topics.
Offers education, guides, and resources for safe, effective use of psychedelic substances.