Scott Ross, MA, LMHC
Scott Ross, MA, LMHC



Erowid is arguably the best resource on the web for real drug education. You will find detailed descriptions of drug effects, dosage, risks and safety, legality, trip reports, and chemistry. If you are considering trying a substance you are unfamiliar with or just interested in learning about psychoactive substances check out Erowid first so you can make an informed choice as to what you put into your body. 


Maps (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is the non-profit organization leading the way with psychedelic research. Their focus is on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, but they also sponsor research on the therapeutic potential of cannabis, LSD, ibogaine, and other substances. This is a great resource for reading scholarly research, learning about current studies, finding psychedelic-friendly therapists (on their psychedelic-integration provider page), and psychedelic podcasts featuring such prominent figures as James Fadiman and Gabor Mate. 


How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

If you're curious but unfamiliar with what psychedelics have to offer this is a great book to start with. Pollan is a talented journalist who manages to bring an outsider's perspective to the field of psychedelics while also showing a willingness to experience them for himself. The book is even-handed, well researched, and approaches the subject with a refreshing combination of openness, skepticism, and curiosity. 

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide by James Fadiman

Fadiman is one of the figures who bridges the gap between first and second wave psychedelic culture and research. In this book he both highlights some of his findings and offers the reader some of the basics to consider in their explorations including the value of a guide/sitter, set and setting considerations, and various intentions for using psychedelics. Of particular interest is Fadiman's research on creative problem solving which has mostly been a neglected area of psychedelic studies. 

The Harvard Psychedelic Club and Distilled Spirits by Don Lattin

Lattin is a journalist and historian of psychedelics in the United States. As someone who has interviewed the pope and other religious figures, struggled with addiction, and has experiences of psychedelics as being both useful and disruptive, Lattin brings a unique perspective. These two books are highly readable explorations into the philosophical/spiritual (Distilled Spirits) and cultural/academic (The Harvard Psychedelic Club) history of the first wave of psychedelics.